AGM 2017: Western DMO

On November 15 2017, Go Western Newfoundland, our tourism partner on the West Coast, held their Annual General Meeting in Stephenville. This year, the AGM brought together nearly 80 tourism providers eager to maintain the quality and diversity of tourism. As a member, RDÉE TNL went on site to participate in exchanges and continue networking with other members in the industry. This year on the agenda: the presentation of Go Western’s statements of accounts, the election of new Board members, the presentation of 2016 tourism statistics for the West Coast, and the marketing strategy by the province. Note that this year, Go Western held a silent auction showcasing several local tourism products which was a great initiative.

Coping With Change

On November 30th 2017 at the Wabush Hotel, RDÉE TNL, in collaboration with the AFL, organised a dinner conference on “Coping with change”.

To make the conference more appealing for the francophone community of Western Labrador, RDÉE TNL’s Economic Development Officer in Labrador formed a partnership with Rio Tinto IOC, the only active mining company in Labrador, with the objective of sharing their experience of how they coped with the changes during the cyclical crises they had overcome.

Thus, Mr. Van Alexopoulos, Rio Tinto IOC’s Director of Finance and Supply Chain, agreed to give the lecture and his company covered all related costs.

Carol Auto, one of the biggest francophone enterprises in the region had also accepted to sponsor the dinner conference.

The AFL conducted an intense information campaign among its members to invite them to participate in the dinner conference.

The conference went very well with the participation of about fifteen Francophones. The presentation was of great interest, the speaker showed thanks to which strategy the threats were overcome. He explained how the continuous innovation made it possible to reduce the costs of production and to increase the productivity to survive against the significant decrease in the price of iron.

Confronting reality, making an uncompromising examination of one’s strengths and weaknesses, improving the former and reducing the latter is the right attitude to strengthen one’s resilience and to overcome the perils revealed by change.

Innovation is not only technological, it refers to all areas including processes, ways of doing things, ways that habits can render obsolete and ineffective.

Rio Tinto IOC’s success in continuous improvement has enabled it to survive the 2014 mining crisis and continue to employ 2,400 workers in the region.


Mustapha Fezoui

Economic Development Officer-RDÉE TNL

We want to hear from you!

Tuesday, November 7th 2017, RDÉE TNL opened the floor to its clients as well as to other members of the Francophone community in St. John’s. They were able to voice their opinions of our services and the needs we could address in the future.

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Destination Canada

For the first time, RDÉE TNL participated in the Destination Canada Mobility Forum, from November 14 to November 18, 2017, in Paris and Brussels, alongside the FFTNL and the Provincial Government.

4,066 people came to the 13th edition of this forum. Our Economic Immigration Officer provided advice and promoted 46 job opportunities in the province to no less than 143 individuals.

The Provincial Government also gave four information sessions, in which 75 people in total participated.

While our province has had great success in increasing its attractiveness, it is still a bit early to measure the final impact and to determine how many people will choose to settle here.

However, the enthusiasm and perseverance of some candidates demonstrate promising results.


destination canada